FSAE Lincoln 2018

The team competed with the MF-6 racecar at the FSAE Lincoln 2018 competition from 20-23 June. Overall, Mines placed 36th out of 67 competing IC engine teams. Although this is down from the previous year, the team saw major improvements in the vehicle. MF-6 weighed in 45 lbs lighter than MF-5 and saw a major increase in power, putting out over 80 whp. Although the car was visibly faster on the track than last year, it unfortunately suffered a drivetrain failure during the endurance race caused by a misaligned drive sprocket. While this news was heartbreaking, we are very proud of the machine we've built, and we look forward to applying the lessons we've learned to continue improving.

Overall: 36th

Design: tied for 25th

Presentation: 47th

Cost: 21st

Acceleration: 29th

Skidpad: 39th

Autocross: 27th

Endurance: DNF

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